Digitization of UMW’s Academic Course Catalogs

UMW Libraries is pleased to announce the digitization of the University’s academic course catalogs. Volumes from 1913-2013 are now available full-text and searchable online through the Internet Archive.

First published in 1911 as the Bulletin of the State Normal and Industrial School for Women, this publication provides lists of faculty, course descriptions, photographs of the college, and other information relevant to specified academic terms. Due to the fragile condition of the earliest volumes, the digitization of the academic course catalogs begins with the State Summer School and School of Elementary Methods catalog (July, 1913). The academic catalogs continue to undergo title changes over the years, reflecting the growth of the University. The catalog title changes to the Bulletin of the State Normal School, Fredericksburg, Virginia (June, 1915), Bulletin: State Teachers College, Fredericksburg, Virginia (April, 1924), Bulletin, Mary Washington College (January, 1938), Bulletin, Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia (January, 1944), Mary Washington College, Academic Catalog/Bulletin (June, 1972), and the University of Mary Washington Academic Catalog (2005-2007). Academic catalogs for the University’s graduate programs were first published in the 2000-2001 academic year

The Internet Archive allows for multiple methods of searching and viewing the course catalogs. The user can page through a catalog choosing the “read online” option, download the entire catalog in PDF format, and search the full text. This digitization project was made possible through UMW Libraries, the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative, and LYRASIS’ scanning partner, Internet Archive.

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