Digitization of the Bullet

UMW Libraries is pleased to announce the digitization of the University’s student-run newspaper, The Bullet. Issues from 1922-2010 are now available online through the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/universityofmarywashington.

The Bullet is a great source to use to learn more about the history of the University, to research specific events, and to get a snapshot of what life was like on campus throughout the last century. Plus, reading the joke issues of the paper, called The Bull, The Bullsheet, and other humorous titles, is highly entertaining!

The Internet Archive allows for multiple methods of searching and viewing issues of The Bullet. Users can page through an issue by choosing the “read online” option, download an entire issue in PDF format, or search the full text of an issue for specific keywords. This digitization project was made possible through UMW Libraries, the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative, and LYRASIS’ scanning partner, the Internet Archive.

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