Circulation FAQ

Also see Circulation Policies for more information about borrowing materials from UMW Libraries.

How do I check out books?

A valid EagleOne card is required to check-out materials from UMW Libraries. The loan period for most materials is 35 days or end of semester, see Overview of Fines, Fees, and Loan Periods.  Class reserve materials may have a shorter loan period, see: Borrowing Reserve Materials.   Current periodicals, microforms, Reference, and Special Collection materials may not be checked out.

How do I get a library card?

Current students, faculty, and staff members may contact the EagleOne Card Center at Lee Hall to obtain a valid EagleOne card.  This card will be required to check out materials from UMW Libraries. IDs can also be made on the Stafford Campus; Stafford students should call 540-286-8000 to make an appointment.

Faculty/staff members requesting an additional card for a spouse or partner may contact the Office of Human Resources to authorize a secondary UMW ID card. Individuals who wish to obtain library privileges and are not currently associated with the University should refer to the information below.

How do I borrow materials if I’m not a current UMW student or faculty or staff member?

Application for a Guest Patron card must be made at the Circulation Desk at either Simpson Library or the Stafford Library. Upon satisfactory completion of the application and a payment (cash or check) of $75.00, a library card will be authorized for residents of Virginia over the age of eighteen. Educators employed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Alumni receive a discounted rate. Payment will not be refunded for any reason.

Guest Patron cards are valid for one year from the date of application. No materials will be loaned until the applicant has the card in hand.

The Guest Patron card is not transferable. The cardholder is responsible for all materials circulated on this card as well as any charges that are incurred. This card does not entitle the Guest Patron to Interlibrary Loan service, Document Delivery services, or off-campus database access. The Guest Patron cannot place recalls or holds on items that are checked out. It is further understood that materials loaned are for the personal use of the borrower.

For additional information on services for guests, see Library Services for Non-UMW Users.

Library policies are subject to change without notice.

How do I get materials from another library?

Interlibrary loan is a service that provides access to books, journal articles, dissertations, and other materials that are not owned by the UMW Libraries.  If you have a citation for an item that our Libraries do not own, you may make a request to borrow it and the ILL office will locate a lending library. Please see our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQ for information on submitting requests.

How do I get materials from another campus?

Document Delivery is a service that allows students, faculty and staff affiliated with one campus’ library to use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request books or articles from the other campus library.  Please see our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQfor information on submitting requests.

How do I request or recall a book?

A recall may be placed on material that is currently checked-out from the UMW Libraries, with the exception of Course Reserve and audiovisual materials.  Please note that the Recall Button button does not allow you to place a request for books held at the other campus (please see our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) FAQfor information on submitting requests for materials held at the other campus).

A recall may be placed through the UMW Libraries’ Catalog by clicking Recall Button in the item record, or by filling out a Request slip at the Circulation Desk in Simpson Library or the Stafford Campus Library.

A recall generates a notice that informs the current borrower that another borrower has requested the item. The due date does not change and the item cannot be renewed. Items that are recalled to be placed on Course Reserves will have an immediate due date.  Late charges on overdue recalled materials accrue at the rate of $3.00 per day, per item, see: Overview of Fines, Fees and Loan Periods.

How do I get materials with an “On Order” status?

“On Order” materials may be obtained by filling out a “Request” slip at the UMW libraries’ Circulation Desk or sending an email request to with the following information: title of book, author’s first and last name, your name, the 16-digit number on the front of your EagleOne card, and pickup location (Simpson Library or Stafford Campus Library). A notice will be sent to your UMW email account when materials are available for checkout. Materials not picked up within five days of notification will be passed on to the next requestor or sent to the stacks.

Also see Circulation Policies for more information about borrowing materials from UMW Libraries.

How do I request that the Libraries’ purchase material(s) for their collections?

The UMW Libraries welcome recommendations from current faculty, staff, and students for materials to be purchased for our collections. All requests to purchase new library materials will be evaluated according to the terms of the Collection Development Policy.  Due to budget constraints, the Libraries cannot guarantee that all requested items will be purchased, but all input is appreciated and will be considered.

To submit a purchase request for a book to be added to the collections of UMW Libraries, please submit a Purchase Request Form.