Computer Use Policy

All users of the computing resources of UMW Libraries agree to abide by applicable University and Library policies, including the Network and Computer User Policy.

One of the primary missions of the UMW Libraries is to “make available to the University’s students, faculty, and staff materials that support teaching and research.”  Although others are welcome to use the Libraries, staff members must prioritize services and resources.  The Libraries have a limited number of computers, and UMW faculty, staff, and students receive first priority in their use.

Non-Affiliated Users

Simpson Library provides some computers that non-UMW-affiliated patrons may use.  These computers are located along the wall near the Reference Desk (down the hallway that runs parallel to Campus Walk).  Due to limited availability, these computers may be used for just one hour.  Upon request, patrons may be able to extend use for one additional hour.  Only two log-ins per guest patron per day are permitted.  If a user leaves early before the allotted time has expired, he/she may not request additional log-ins to “make up” the time.

These computers provide Internet access and are intended for research.  They may not be used to play games (such as solitaire or Farmville) or to engage in other recreational activities (such as watching videos or movies).  They are solely for persons who need to access the unique resources of an academic library.

Individuals with laptops may log on as “guests” and access the UMW Wireless Network.

Simpson Library closes at 10pm, Sunday through Thursday for all non-UMW library patrons.

UMW Students, Faculty, and Staff

UMW students, faculty, and staff have designated computers that they may log into using their UMW credentials.  These computers are located to the left of the Reference Desk (while facing it), along the first-floor stairwell.

Visiting Researchers

Visiting faculty members and teachers from other institutions (schools, colleges, and universities) may apply for temporary access to these computers by completing the Visiting Researcher form available at the Circulation and Reference Desks.  Criteria for approval (which may take up to two business days) include:

  • A photo-identification card from an educational institution.
  • Email address of contact employee at that institution so affiliation can be verified.

At any time, guests may be asked to discontinue computer use if UMW students, faculty, administrators, or staff require access.

Updated April 2013