Faculty Course Reserve Materials Form

  • Reserve lists are limited to 30 items per course. Multiple copies and volumes count toward this total. (See also: Copyright Restrictions for Reserve).

    Persons requesting that items be placed on Reserve must have a patron record that is in good standing in the library's database. To ensure that materials will be processed and available for use, lists must be submitted at least seven days prior to the date students will first need access to them. Processing will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. If any item is unavailable for processing, notification will be made via e-mail or voicemail.

    The Library staff will pull library-owned materials as time allows. However, processing will be completed sooner if the person submitting the list pulls the items and brings them to the Circulation Desk along with the completed Reserve Materials List form. Personal copies should also be brought in with the list. Personal items may sustain damage or loss. A bar code and spine label will be affixed to items placed on reserve, which in most cases cannot be removed without damage to the item. Reserve materials cannot be restricted to Building Use Only.

    Photocopies made by the library for Reserve will be charged to the faculty member's department. The Library staff will only make copies of library-owned materials.

    Questions about reserves at Simpson Library should be directed to Suzanne Crosnicker at scrosnic@umw.edu and 540-654-1747. Questions about reserves at the Stafford Campus Library should be directed to Library Staff at stafflib@umw.edu and 540-286-8025.

  • If the submitter is not the professor, please provide the following information:

  • Use the code PC as the call number for personal copies. Please note, loan periods MUST be one of the options listed below.

    • 2-Hour/Overnight
    • 2-Hour/No Overnight (Stafford Campus Only)
    • 6-Hour/Overnight
    • 1-Day
    • 3-Day
    • 7-Day
    • 14-Day
  • Call NumberAuthor(s)Full TitleLoan Period 
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