Using Wireless in UMW Libraries

All users of the UMW wireless network must have a Wireless Network Card installed.

Faculty, Staff, and Students

UMW-Secured: The secured wireless network is not publicly broadcast, so users will have to configure their computers the first time they connect to the network. Users can then save the network so their computer will locate it when the signal is available. Users will also have to authenticate through the upgraded Clean Access client.

The process for connecting to the network varies by operating system. For directions find your operating system on the Wireless Connection Instructions page.

UMW: This network provides the same level of access as UMW-Guest, but does allow access to library databases.  It is easier to log on to than UMW-SecuredAccess to many internal resources including: Banner INB, Shared Drives, ext. is not available on this network.

Apogee: This network is available in the libraries and provides access for residential students through our ResNet provider. More information about this network can be found Residence Hall Network Access page.

Guests to the University

UMW-Guest: Guests to the University who wish to access the wireless network will be required to register through a web interface. Instructions for accessing the network as a guest are available on the Guest Access wireless page. Please Note: When using the UMW-Guest wireless network you cannot access online databases and other resources provided by UMW Libraries.

Need more help? Visit or call the IT Help Desk at 540-654-2255.