Audiovisual Collection

With several thousand titles in DVD and VHS, the University’s Audiovisual Collection is comprised of foreign language and classic films, as well as popular titles. This collection was created initially by a group of faculty, through a Funds for Excellence grant, and is now located on the first floor of Simpson Library.  DVDs

Searching the Collection

To search for audiovisual materials, go to the Keyword Search page of the library catalog. Look for the Format Filters drop-down menu. From the menu, select “Visual material-Videorecording,” and then type your search terms into the boxes.

See a complete list of all of the DVDs we own here, or go to the Library Catalog, and select the location “DVD Collection” from menu on the side.


Titles in the collection are available for check-out with a valid EagleOne Card to faculty, staff, and students only.  These items may be checked out for seven days, unless the title has been placed on reserve or is needed for a longer period for in-class use.

Late Charges

There are no overdue charges for DVD and VHS materials.  If materials are kept past the grace period, the student will be billed $75.00 for each item that is not returned.  If the overdue film has been recalled, the student will be charged $3.00 per day. If the film is on Course Reserve, late charges are $1.00 per hour or any part of an hour. Charges continue to accrue when the Library is closed and when school is not in session.

Viewing Film

Individual and Small Group Viewing

DVD/VHS viewing stations that can accommodate one – five people (UMW students, faculty, and staff only) are available on the first floor of the Simpson Library. Earphones are required. Users are encouraged to bring their own, but they are also available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.

Viewing for an Entire Class

Faculty may wish to show a film from the Library’s collection to an entire class.  The faculty member, or designated proxy, may check the film out so that it can be shown in the faculty member’s classroom, or arrangements can be made to have the film shown in the Convergence Center.  Until the Convergence Center is fully operational, in-library viewings are possible, but Simpson Library’s only classroom is heavily booked.

Please contact Suzanne Crosnicker at for information on in-library viewings. DVDs

Film on Course Reserve

Faculty may request that personally owned titles or any title in the collection be placed on Course Reserve.  Reserve lists must be submitted on the Course Reserve Material Form. Faculty who would like items to be put on reserve at Simpson Library may use the web-based form or submit the Course Reserve Materials List Form (.doc file) to Suzanne Crosnicker at

Requesting New Items

If you need to obtain a media title that is not in the collection, you may submit a purchase request to Renee Davis, Collection Development Librarian. She can be contacted at 540-654-1758 or Purchase decisions are guided by the Libraries’ Collection Development Policy.

When requesting a new film, please include the title, director, and year of production so we can ensure that the correct item is purchased.