For Faculty

UMW Libraries provide a wide variety of services to faculty. Faculty members are encouraged to contact the Subject Librarian/Faculty Liaison assigned to their department or campus with questions related to Libraries’ collections, services and policies or for research assistance.

Course Reserves

Faculty may place items on reserve at Simpson Library or the Stafford Campus Library. Please see Course Reserves for more information.

Requesting Research Instruction

Reference Librarians are available to provide course-specific research instruction to your classes. To request research instruction, please contact the Subject Librarian/Faculty Liaison assigned to your department/campus or complete our online request form.

Requesting the Purchase of Items

Faculty may request that UMW Libraries purchase materials to be added to our collections. All requests will be considered, but given the size of the University and the finite resources allocated to the Libraries, it is impossible to provide all the materials that may be necessary or desirable. For more information on our selection guidelines, please see our Collection Development Policy. To submit a request, please use our Purchase Request Form.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan is a service that provides access to books, journal articles, dissertations, and other materials that are not owned by the UMW Libraries. Requests are submitted electronically through our Interlibrary Loan system.

Document Delivery

Faculty on either campus can use UMW Libraries’ Document Delivery services.

Requests can be submitted online using our Interlibrary Loan system.

Fredericksburg Campus Faculty Document Delivery

Books will be checked out on your patron record and sent to your office through campus mail. Photocopied articles will either be scanned and electronically delivered to your Interlibrary Loan account on the web or sent to your office via campus mail.

Stafford Campus Faculty Document Delivery

Books will be held at the Stafford Campus Library for pickup. Photocopied articles will either be scanned and electronically delivered to your Interlibrary Loan account on the web or will be held at the Stafford Campus Library for pickup.

Document Delivery Charges

There is no charge to faculty and staff for the Document Delivery service.

Document Delivery Responsibility

You are responsible for circulating items from the time they are checked out to you, until they are received back at the Library. All Libraries’ regulations are in effect.

Document Delivery Renewals

Please see How Do I Renew Library Materials? for information.

Designating a Proxy

UMW Libraries Proxy Card Application

Faculty/staff members may authorize others to conduct library transactions on their behalf.  A UMW Libraries Proxy Card identifies the bearer as a proxy for a specific department or faculty/staff member. Any current UMW faculty or staff member may designate one or more proxies. Any current employee or student of UMW may be designated as a proxy.

A proxy may conduct any library business that the faculty/staff member is eligible to do in person.  On your behalf, your proxy may check in/out, renew, place materials on course reserve, submit/pickup Interlibrary loan requests, submit order cards, photocopy, print, place holds or recalls on material that is checked out, or request a search on material that cannot be located.

Any materials borrowed will be checked-out to the sponsor, not the proxy.  Sponsors are responsible for all materials borrowed and any charges incurred on their behalf.  Do not give the proxy your own Eagle One card.  Notices regarding the library transactions will be sent to the sponsor.  Please impress upon your proxy, that he/she is to conduct only those transactions that you have specifically indicated, and that to do otherwise is an Honor Code offense.  Please retrieve the Proxy Card, should the proxy leave his/her position before the card expires.  Use the UMW Libraries Proxy Card Application to authorize proxies to act on your behalf.

Copy Cards

EagleOne copy cards are available for faculty to use with the Libraries’ printers and photocopiers.  At the Simpson Library, faculty should ask to borrow the copy card at the circulation desk.  In the Stafford Campus Library, faculty should ask for the copy card at the information desk.

Secondary Cards

Faculty/staff members may contact the Office of Human Resources to authorize a UMW ID card for one secondary person. This person is commonly a spouse or partner. At Simpson Library and Stafford Campus Library, Secondary Card holders have most of the same privileges as students and are subject to the same policies, including late charges and processing fees. Secondary Card holders are not entitled to Interlibrary Loan or Document Delivery services and are not allowed to place holds or recalls on materials that are checked-out.

The faculty/staff member’s UMW Libraries record and the Secondary Card holder’s record will be linked. If one record is blocked for overdue materials or excessive charges, the other record will also be blocked. Abuse of UMW Libraries services will result in the termination of privileges.