Popular Reading

Our Popular Reading Collection, also called the McNaughton Collection, is comprised of circulating popular fiction and non-fiction books. Included in this service are mystery, romance, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, and biography titles. This leased collection can be searched in our catalog by author or title. You may also limit a search to this collection by selecting a Location Filter of “Popular Reading”. Popular Reading

Where are the books shelved?

Our Popular Reading Collection is located on the main floor of the Simpson Library on shelves between the New Books and Current Periodicals.

What is the circulation period?

Books circulate for 35 days and can be renewed.

How many books may I check out at one time?

We suggest only checking out one book at a time.

How are the books arranged?

Books are arranged by call number.

How can I tell if it is a Popular Reading book?

  • Book jackets are left on
  • Light green stripes are found at base of spine

How many books are found in the Popular Reading Collection?

Popular Reading SuggestionsApproximately 20 books are added to the collection monthly. As new books arrive, older titles are removed and returned to the vendor. Presently, we house nearly 400 books.

How can I send suggestions?

Although titles are selected from a pre-set list of current authors and titles, requests can be placed in the Suggestion Box located in the Popular Reading area, through our Comments and Questions page, or by emailing Renee Davis.