Digital Collections

Digital Collections

Special Collections and University Archives maintains three distinct digital collections:


Archives@UMW is the University of Mary Washington’s digital collections repository. It provides access to digitized items from Simpson Library’s Special Collections and University Archives department. Currently, there are six collections featured in the repository:

  • Students dining at the Console
    The Centennial Image Collection, created to preserve and celebrate 100 years of history at Mary Washington, contains historic photographs from University Archives and several campus departments.
  • James Farmer bust in the snow
    The James L. Farmer Collection includes a selection of images and audio-visual materials featuring Dr. Farmer, the founder of the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE), the organizer of the 1961 Freedom Rides, and a professor in the History and American Studies department at Mary Washington College from 1984 to 1998.
  • UMW monogram
    The Mary Washington Healthcare Oral History Project Collection contains transcripts of oral history interviews with board members, administrators, physicians, nurses, social workers, and community members involved with MWHC. The project was designed to document the history of MWHC’s expansion and record the recollections of people involved with its transformation.
  • Sunday in the Park with George poster
    The Theatre Poster Collection displays posters created for plays and musicals dating back as far as 1958 produced by UMW’s Department of Theatre and Dance.
  • Trinkle Library, 1940
    The UMW Blueprints and Architectural Drawings Collection contains digitized blueprints and architectural drawings of plans for buildings on the UMW campus. The earliest plans date from 1909, a year after the University was founded. Works by venerable Richmond architect Charles Robinson and his successor, J. Binford Walford, are represented within the collection, which was made possible through a generous grant from The Community Foundation’s Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund.
  • UMW monogram
    The Honors and Master’s Papers Collections display digital copies of scholarly works created by University of Mary Washington students in the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences. The collections include papers written by students in partial fulfillment of a Master of Education degree, a Master of Science in Elementary Education degree, or a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with departmental honors.

UMW Publications in the Internet Archive

University publications have been digitized through the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative, a Sloan Foundation grant-subsidized program in partnership with the Internet Archive. Six publications are currently available for online browsing, searching, and downloading through the Library’s interactive Eagle Explorer search tool:

UMW Web Archives

Several University-affiliated websites, blogs, social media pages, and newsletters have been fully archived with Archive-It, a subscription-based web archiving service. The archived web content is fully functional and can be accessed through browsing or full text search. Five collections are currently available and will continue to be archived on weekly, monthly, and quarterly levels:

  • Archive-It Logo
    UMW Website Archives contains an archived version of UMW’s website, captured quarterly since August 2014. The collection includes a capture of the complete University website, which features content from all UMW offices, departments, publications, and organizations, including the Board of Visitors.
  • Archive-It Logo
    UMW Social Media Archives contains an archived collection of UMW’s official social media accounts, captured weekly since September 2014. The collection includes a capture of the University’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr pages.
  • Archive-It Logo
    UMW News Archives contains an archived collection of newsletters and news websites created by the UMW community, captured monthly since September 2014. The collection includes a capture of The Blue & Gray Press, UMW’s student newspaper; The Eagle Eye, UMW’s faculty and staff newsletter; On Campus Walk, the Provost’s newsletter; and The SAE Weekly News, a blog written by UMW’s Office of Student Activities and Engagement.
  • Archive-It Logo
    UMW Student Scholarship Archives contains an archived collection of scholarly content created by UMW students, captured quarterly since September 2014. The collection includes a capture of The Aubade, UMW’s undergraduate arts magazine, and The Rappahannock Review, UMW’s undergraduate literary magazine.
  • Archive-It Logo
    UMW Athletics Archives contains an archived version of UMW’s official athletics website, captured monthly since September 2014.