Proxy Designation Form

UMW Libraries Proxy Designation Form

Please fill out this form to designate a library proxy.
  • Faculty/staff members may authorize others to conduct library transactions on their behalf. Any current UMW faculty or staff member may designate one or more proxies. Any current employee or student of UMW may be designated as a proxy. A proxy may conduct any library business that the faculty/staff member is eligible to do in person. On your behalf, your proxy may check in/out, renew, place materials on course reserve, submit/pickup Interlibrary loan requests, place holds or recalls on material that is checked out, or request a search on material that cannot be located.

    Any materials borrowed will be checked-out to the sponsor (the faculty / staff member designating a proxy), not the proxy. Sponsors are responsible for all materials borrowed and any charges incurred on their behalf. Do not give the proxy your own EagleOne card. Notices regarding the library transactions will be sent to the sponsor, not the proxy. Please impress upon your proxy that they are to conduct only those transactions that you have specifically indicated, and that to do otherwise is an Honor Code offense. Should you wish to remove a previously designated proxy, or should a proxy leave their position, please notify the library as soon as possible so that we know to remove their ability to conduct library business on your behalf.

  • Include your name here. If you are completing this form on behalf of your whole department or another faculty / staff member, there is an option lower on the form to indicate this and include names, if necessary.
  • Proxy NameBanner IDProxy End Date 
    For Proxy End Date, please specify either:
    • End of Current Semester
    • End of Academic Year
    If you are completing this form on your own behalf, check "Me." If you are completing this form for someone else, check "the whole department" or check "Other" and list a specific person for whom the proxy will serve.