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Website Collection Development Policy
Simpson Library Special Collections & University Archives


Simpson Library Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) collects and preserves the history of the University of Mary Washington. This department serves as both a physical and digital repository of primary source materials from all offices and divisions of the University, including correspondence, news, photographs, scholarship, and more. As a part of SCUA’s mission, websites created by the University of Mary Washington community are often added to the collection in accordance with the specified criteria below.

Selection Criteria

The following guidelines are used to determine if a website created by a member of the UMW community should be added to the Special Collections and University Archives collections:

    • Scholarship that is new and impactful in its field.
    • Highly innovative technical and/or creative aspects.
    • Content that complements existing archival collections and subject areas of emphasis.
    • Content that documents the history, administration, and/or culture of the University.
    • Unique content that supports the research and curriculum needs of faculty.
    • Content created, owned, or used by university departments, faculty, or students in carrying out university-related business, functions, or activities.
    • Compatibility with SCUA’s preservation software.
    • A faculty member’s statement of support for student-created websites.

The University Archivist reserves the right to make the final decision as to whether a website is added to SCUA’s collections, as well as to make special considerations for exceptional departmental requests.

Collection Process

SCUA collects all digital honors projects approved by both the student’s advisor and select Departmental faculty. Students who submit a URL as their honors project follow the submission procedures for the University’s institutional repository, Eagle Scholar. Following the submission of the URL, the website is archived and a link to the archived version is placed in the item’s record.

SCUA also collects Domain of One’s Own and UMW Blogs websites meeting the guidelines listed above in “Selection Criteria.” These websites are submitted to SCUA using the self-nomination form. While faculty are encouraged to recommend that students submit their websites for consideration, SCUA will not archive a website without the expressed permission of its creator and/or contributors.

SCUA collects several University of Mary Washington websites via Archive-It on an automated, recurring basis. Those websites are listed below, and are available at

Copyright and Terms of Use

Creators and contributor(s) of websites submitted to Special Collections and University Archives agree to a submission license that grants the University of Mary Washington the right to preserve and provide access to the website(s) indefinitely. The creator and/or contributor(s) typically remain the copyright holder of the website(s).

The archived websites and other digital collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study. Content from the digital repositories may not be reproduced or used for any commercial purposes without prior written consent from the University of Mary Washington and/or the copyright holder.

Although the items in the repositories are publicly accessible for the uses described above, they are not all in the public domain. Where copyright persists, the right is owned either by the University of Mary Washington, the original copyright holder, or by the creators of the content or their descendants. Users are responsible for determining if permission for re-use is necessary and for obtaining such permission.

Individuals who have concerns about online access to specific content should contact SCUA staff at