Website Nomination Form

Website Nomination to the Digital Archive

UMW’s University Archives is seeking digital projects that represent valuable scholarship, digital art, or key moments in UMW’s institutional history, whether they were created on Domain of One’s Own, UMW Blogs, or another platform on the open web. By submitting your work to the digital archive, you will ensure that your work will remain accessible, without having to pay for hosting space, or maintain the site yourself. UMW staff will ensure that the site remains accessible and in working order, in the form in which it existed when the project was archived. However, please note that this is not a hosting platform. You will not be able to edit your content once it is archived. It will be preserved and maintained, but also fixed in time.

Due to the technological limitations of digital archiving software, not all kinds of digital projects are suited for archiving. If you would like to submit your project but are unsure of it’s compatibility, please submit it anyway and a staff person will be in touch with you. If your site does not meet the criteria for inclusion in the digital archive (or you would just like to host it or archive it elsewhere) please contact the Digital Knowledge Center (students) or Digital Learning Support (Faculty and Staff) for help deciding what the best solution is, and/or getting help making the move. You can read more about selection criteria and copyright permissions on UMW Libraries’ Website Collection Development Policy.

Please contact Special Collections and University Archives with any questions regarding the submission of your website to the digital archive.


Website Nomination Form

  • Please provide the best email address for contacting you.
  • Please enter the first and last names of all persons who contributed to the creation of this project, separated by commas.
  • List the main topic(s) or subject(s) of the website, separated by commas.
  • Short (1-3 sentence) reflection, describing the project and its value to the UMW community.
  • Students, please provide the name of a faculty member who can serve as a reference (does not need to be the faculty member, if any, who oversaw the creation of the project).
    By selecting "yes" above and submitting this form, you agree to allow UMW Libraries to archive and publish the submitted website in accordance with UMW library policies. You also consent to the public showcasing and/or sharing of the submitted website through (but not limited to) academic presentations, articles, and/or university websites.